Can I Trust An Executive Resume Writing Service?

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Now more than ever in the economic and employment climate these days, it is important if you are looking for a new executive position, to ensure that your executive resume far and away stands out above the crowd. This is relevant with all parts of your job search too, but in particular to the first impression of the resume. As a fast and easy way out, many consider using an executive resume writing service.

While outsourcing and hiring out certain business aspects can bring about good leverage and good business sense, going this route in preparing or updating your executive resume is not generally recommended. We are talking about a stranger with no knowledge of your background, history, aspirations, successes or failures crafting one of the most important documents you will ever require. These business models rely on high volumes of document preparation which also results in a lower quality production piece. Good business model for them, but can you guarantee that they will deliver the most powerful and convincing executive resume, specifically using your voice? This is near impossible.

As an executive yourself, you understand that every company or organization, with the greatest intentions of pleasing and supporting their customers, is at the end of the day in business to be profitable. The individual crafting your resume for you has only a bit of allotted time to collect or gather information for you before moving forward to the next client. If you were to go through the motions of giving a consulting company your career objectives, employment history, achievements, and education, you have completed a significant majority of the background work for your own executive resume. That being said, just be your own executive resume writing service and get a better end product.

Your executive resume should convey a message of research to your employer that you understand their model and are ready to meet and exceed the needs of the organization, and not just conveying your own needs. There are many resources to assist and guide you through this process available on the Internet.

When it comes to your career path and your executive search, the ultimate decision is really up to you and what you have to gain or lose in the process of creating or hiring out your executive resume. Do your research and assess the best outcome based on your needs and you will find success.
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Can I Trust An Executive Resume Writing Service?

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This article was published on 2010/09/28