Characteristics Of A Powerful And Convincing Resume For Account Executive

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An account executive is a person who has primary responsibility of the accounts, whether it be for an individual or a corporate environment. An account executive holds a major responsibility in maintaining the finance department and its operations.

For a designation as an account executive, a strong resume becomes a great tool to achieve heights, since it requires one to instill confidence in someone who is looking to appoint you to such a post, the resume requires that extra touch to give you that opportunity to get that designation which may come to your doors anytime. So there is always a need to maintain and make alterations as and when required and the resume to be written according to the best formats available.

Some of the key characteristics one must keep in mind while keeping an updated resume for account executive, are firstly, the requirements of the recruiter, who is looking to hire an account executive, which would include the following.

* Education
* Tenure of work experience
* The type of exposure one has had in similar work
* Amount of finance handled in previous companies
* Experience in book keeping
* Knowledge of current laws and advancements in field of accounts
* Handling company accounts
* Personal background

Since the work involves keeping track of money and costs mostly, a recruiter would be looking for a person with the highest level of integrity and honesty. So while preparing a resume for such a post one must keep this specially in mind to show the employer that he is fit to be given such a responsibility. He can do so by stressing in his resume how important it is to work with the greatest amount of diligence and care always keeping in mind the cost to the company for everything being done and how methodically and honestly he expects people working under him, is his approach to prepare the books of accounts and ensuring that all the records are kept up to date.

Combining the requirements of the recruiter and essential traits of an accounts executive, a strong resume could be built which would be a concise and convincing document to meet the requirements of the recruiter.

The resume would include a job objective statement at the top of the resume, which will help focus the readers attention and would give proper description of the post.

The resume should include a powerful summary statement that would illustrate ones best qualifications for the position at the top of the resume. It should focus on highlighting accomplishments that will arouse the interest of employers who read your resume. Your resume should focus on how skills meet the needs of the recruiter.

Each sentence written in the resume should distinguish the resume form the other ones. The resume should be organized and look professional to the recruiter, and at the same time it is important to see that no exaggerations of details are made. A good resume for account executive is the key to successful career, keeping all the above characteristics in mind a magnificent resume could be created.
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Characteristics Of A Powerful And Convincing Resume For Account Executive

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This article was published on 2010/10/14