Common Resume Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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A resume is one of the most crucial factors that you need to focus upon, while you are applying for a new job. Just like the book is judged by its cover, an employer generates an impression about you through your resume. So, avoiding the common resume building mistakes that could hamper your chance of getting a good job is vital.

Following are some of the common resume building mistakes that one should avoid and rectify in order to achieve success:

1) Focus on the structure: 
Your resume is the foremost impression an employer makes about you. Make sure it is well structured i.e. in proper format and layout with all the important information like your experience, achievements etc. mentioned appropriately. Your name, phone number and other important credentials should be easily accessible and in proper format with a uniform font size.

2) Avoid grammatical mistakes: 
Make sure that your resume is free from grammatical errors as this really makes a bad impression on the employer. Use text editing software like Microsoft Word etc. with spell check and grammar check features to rectify your errors.

3) Keep It Limited: 
Make sure your resume is short and crisp i.e. avoid inappropriate details like you were among the top 5 students in your school days as the employer is not at all interested in these kind of details. Stick to talking about your experience, achievements, and extracurricular activities like you stood 1st in national table tennis tournament. Keep your resume to the point and no more than two pages long.

4) Focus on the email address: 
Sending the work application with an email address that has words like cool, loll etc is inappropriate. This creates a false impression on the employer. Create a professional email id with your name and special characters like underscore (_) to give it a professional appearance.

5) Focus on the objective: 
The aim/objective is the statement that signifies your goal or success mantra in life. Using big words to sound professional does not makes you stand out in the crowd. Be simple, straight forward and to the point with no more that 15 words.

6) Avoid Using Abbreviations: 
Your resume is an official document that has to be presented before the employer. So, be sure to omit all the abbreviations and contractions from the words or sentence.

7) No repetitive Words: 
Do not use the same verb frequently. Instead use action verbs in order to describe your skills and experience.

Always remember that every employer needs an honest and passionate employee for his firm. So, don't embellish your achievements and diminish your weaknesses in your resume. Be professional and enthusiastic and that's what your resume should reflect.

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Common Resume Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Common Resume Building Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

This article was published on 2013/07/06