How to Write Your Teen Resume Objectives

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When Writing Your Teen Resume Objectives, you need to be very Clear about what you are saying. You will not get to the Interview, if the Company Representative does not Understand what Job you are applying for. The Objectives stated in your Resume, relate to the specific position you are applying for. Make sure you list Clearly Defined Career Goals, and relay the impression you know exactly what position you want in your Resume.

Writing a Resume or resume writing, requires you to write your main qualifications, and inform the Employer what position you are seeking. A General Description of the type of Job is not good enough. Writing your Objectives in your Resume may be too old fashioned these days for some job applications. Make sure you use Objectives only for the appropriate job. Use the Objective to tell the employer what YOU want. Don't hesitate to look for Resume Help on the Internet, there are many Free Sources and Resume Samples to pick from.

When you are trying to get an interview, and land a job, it is advantageous to put your Focus on what the employer wants.

Be MORE Focused on the NEEDS of the Employer.

Questions to ask Yourself:

  • What are my Qualifications for the Job?
  • What are my Skills and Strengths?
  • What Goals do I have for my Profession?
If in doubt, you may want to Review a few Resume Samples as a Writing Guide. The Employer Prefers that you Clearly State Your Career Objectives. They want to know what you are going to do for THEM and what you are GOOD at doing. They want someone who knows what they want, and one who can deliver what the Company is asking for.

If you State Your Objectives in the Resume, and say that you are looking for a Challenging Job to Use your Special Skills in, This may be too General a Statement. Consider Creating a Title or Headline that Describes you and your qualifications in your Resume, similar to Newspaper Headlines. Create a Headline that Describes your Strongest Job Related Skills, Abilities and Experience.

In the Resume

  • Objectives should be to the point, have the exact job title, describe the position, and state your areas of interest.
  • Include your unique experience, and match this with what they are looking for. Forget stating your NEEDS and your own agenda, for the time being.
  • Be sure that your Objective written in your Resume does not limit your Job Options.
  • Focus on what you are going to bring to the employer and his company.
  • Do not be Vague, or talk in Generalities when writing your Resume Objectives.
  • An objective will guide the employer in understanding what job you are applying for.
Resume Objectives
A common mistake in Resume Writing is being too Vague and too General when describing the position desired, and your Qualifications for the job. If you are Changing Careers, or looking for your First Job, having Resume Objectives may be a good choice, simply because you may not have enough work history, and experience.
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How to Write Your Teen Resume Objectives

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This article was published on 2010/05/14