Preparing For An Interview

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You have done the needful - learnt how to write a resume by looking at lots of resume samples online – and have created a good final result that has earned you that all important interview.

After having taught yourself how to write a resume, you have to move on to the next step now; that of preparing for the interview. Now that your resume has done the job of making a good first impression, it is up to you to see that you do not belie your resume by being properly prepared:

Be Knowledgeable about the Industry and the Company as well: You should have industry facts and figures at your finger tips and they should be relevant and up to date. When you are asked questions about the industry you seek to work in, your replies should be correct, concise and prompt. Also study the company's progress, their reputation in the market, new products launched, marketing strategies etc., so what you are as au fait with the company and its working as possible.

Rehearse Answering the Common Questions: If you are asked potentially awkward questions such as "Why did you leave your previous job" or "how long have you been out of a job and why" then, these need to be answered truthfully but with a degree of tact and diplomacy. Also try and see if you can put a positive spin on the situation without being insincere. For instance you could say that you were out of work for a period but that you used the time gainfully to do volunteer work (if indeed you did) which gave you valuable experience and insight.

When you are asked about your strengths and weaknesses try to be positive but accurate. A little bit of hard sell about your abilities or something of a pitch is not out of place, but try not to boast. Also try not to appear over qualified for the job - it could boomerang on you. As for the weaknesses, mention them as being insignificant or in context of what you are doing to improve upon them.

If you are asked to speak about yourself, be concise and not long winded. Also stick to subjects which are at least partly relevant to the job and stay away from extraneous details.

Create the Right Impact: Arrive at your interview, well groomed in an appropriate and smart outfit. The choice of outfit should be appropriate for the kind of job you are applying for and the sort of position you are applying for.

Also make sure that you are sober and well rested. It just won't do to appear as though you are suffering the aftereffects of the night before. Yawning or appearing bleary eyed at an interview is hardly going to give the right impression. Also make sure you are well rested so that your brain is functioning to its best ability and you are able to appear intelligent and mentally agile.

So do your best, prepare well and don't fritter away the chance that you are offered.

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Preparing For An Interview

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This article was published on 2010/10/06