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On your resume list your name, the agency and/or manager name, phone number, union status, and vital statistics; such as your height, weight, and the color of your hair and eyes on the top part of your resume. Any television, film, and theatre credits that you've starred in should be listed in the middle of your resume. Special skills or talents, acting training, and college education is listed in the last part of the resume.

Never put your age on your resume. You don't want to limit yourself from getting a role. Dates shouldn't be listed because they can potentially date you. Never put your social security number, home address or measurements on your resume. When a producer hires you, he can get this information from your agent.

The resume must be stapled to the back of your headshot; so that it can be viewed by simply flipping over your photo. Your resume must be done in a professional manner. Try to research help on how to create an acting resume. Some sample formats are available for you to copy. You can also find a resume service to assist you.

The resume is very important because it shows your acting experience and training. It is similar to your headshot because it can help casting directors decide on whom they want to call in for an audition.

In the casting process, the headshot is reviewed to see if the actor resembles the character in the script. Then the resume is examined. On the resume, the casting director looks at your vital statistics and then looks at your acting history and training.

Make sure your resume is full of truthful facts about yourself. Don't fabricate details because it is sure to catch up with you. If questions are asked about your resume, how are you going to answer those questions with a resume full of lies. Don't put yourself in that position. Hollywood is very small. You don't want to blacklist yourself from your profession. It's not worth it.

First impressions mean everything in this business; so write your resume in an intriguing manner. Be clear about what you to say. Your resume is your "advertising blurb." It is your own personal message to others.

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Your Acting Resume

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This article was published on 2010/04/29